Lady Karame wanted to chase away this slave for incompetence. She had tried to make him change but he was beyond help. So she wanted to punish him one more time. She wanted to do it as a way of rewarding herself for trying to help him all this time. She tied him to a cross and she undressed him before she whipped him mercilessly. He cried and begged for mercy but none was shown to him.

Lady Karame wanted her feet pampered. She did not have a slave and she did not want to pay for it to be done. She looked for a loser and she had him do it. She pretended that he had pissed her and her friend off. Then they made him do what he wanted. The cruel mistresses tortured the losers and did so for a long time till they got bored of it.

Lady Karame caught this guy trying to shoplift in her shop. She did not like guys who wanted to reap where they did not sow. She would have given him what he wanted if he had gone to her and told her he wanted something but he did not have the money. But now that he tried to steal, she had to punish him and she did it cruelly by walking him all over like a dog complete with a leash.

Lady Karame does not have one way of punishing slaves. She does what she feels like doing to them. Today that was choking him and she did it as cruelly as she could. She made the loser lie down and she used her feet to crush his face. She also had a plastic bag on his head to help her choke him. This was her most brutal punishment yet and her slave pissed on himself as she punished him.

Lady Karame did not like how this guy pretended to be tough. She wanted to show him that he was no match for her. So she tied him up after she had undressed him. She tied nipple clamps to his nipples and she pulled them hard. She also slapped his balls and punched them. The guy was in so much pain and he had to beg her to let him go.

When it comes to punishing slaves and losers, no one does it better than lady Karame. She was given two slaves to punish and she punished them cruelly. She had fun teaching them a lesson and she did it outdoors. She also did it while he was naked. She had them lick her boots which she had made sure were dirty. After he was done, she made them walk on all fours on tarmac.

Lady Karame and her friend had to punish this guy for what he had done. He was supposed to be taught a lesson so that it did not happen again. The mistresses made sure they had dirty feet and then punished the guy using the dirty feet. He was forced to lick them till they were clean. And he was also made to massage them and suck their toes till they were satisfied.

Lady Karame knows how to torture guys who piss her off and who mess with her. That is what she did to this loser for messing with her. She wanted him to be an example to the others on what she was capable of. So she had him kneel and bend over. Then she fucked him in the ass with a dildo attached to a machine which she controlled. She did not use lube.

Lady Karame and her friend discovered foot fetish and they had fun doing it all the time. The mistresses enjoyed how they could make a loser lick their feet and suck their toes. They liked how they could have dirty and smelly feet licked but best of all, they liked how they could have the guys massage their feet and pamper them. They always have a great time doing it.

Lady Karame does not forgive when someone makes her angry. She believes in getting even and that is what she did to this guy. She had him undress and she used her bare hands to crush his balls. She squeezed them as hard as she could and she forced the guy to do what she wanted. She told him she had more in store for him if he did not do what she told him.

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